Appris Charity is a not for profit, registered charity. Established in 1967 as a Group Training Association (GTA) that continues to be governed by engineering employers to this day.  Appris Management Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Appris Charity Limited. 

The heart of Appris’ business is apprenticeships, specialising in the delivery a range of apprenticeship standards that meet the needs of the region’s strategic objectives and skills agenda. With over 200 member companies and 500+ apprentices across West Yorkshire, Appris is the provider of choice for the engineering industry. Our WorldSkills winning apprentices are an international testimony to the quality of our provision.

Company Vision

To be the training provider of choice for the regions engineering manufacturing industry, where our aim to achieve outstanding teaching and learning supports individuals and employers ever changing needs.

Company Mission Statement

We provide opportunities to improve and succeed by advising, supporting and developing employers and individuals through training, consultancy and apprenticeships.

Company Values

To develop, support and empower staff, learners and businesses to achieve their full potential. To enhance skills and knowledge of ourselves and others. To learn through our experiences, relationships, feedback and professional development. To innovate with new ideas through sustainable solutions. To value the contribution of all. To pursue excellence at all levels. To respond to the ever changing needs of customers, qualification, technology and business.