What is the PREVENT duty?

PREVENT is the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy to stop people becoming radicalised and involved in violent extremism or supporting terrorism, in all its forms.

What responsibilities do employers have as part of the duty?

All employers are expected to support this strategy. This would require employers being vigilant to help to spot any issues; changes in attitude or behaviours; or any other concerns about a learner’s health and well-being, which may lead to them being vulnerable and susceptible to radicalisation and extremism.

What are British Values?

The 4 fundamental British values are:


The rule of law

Individual Liberty

Respect and Tolerance

What can you do for Appris?
  • Abide by British Values and the PREVENT duty
  • Never tolerate a lack of respect for individuals
  • Celebrate difference and promote diversity
  • Be inclusive and accepting of difference
What can Appris do for you?
  • Maintain a safe, respectful and mutually supportive environment
  • Ensure that all of our employees, students and apprentices are aware of the Prevent Duty
  • Provide training on the Prevent Duty and Appris’ duty of care in safeguarding our employees and students
  • Help students to become valuable and rounded members of society who treat others with respect and tolerance, regardless of background
  • Establish a culture where there is shared commitment to valuing diversity and respecting differences