The following procedures have been implemented to safeguard everyone’s safety and wellbeing when attending the training centre:

  • When entering the grounds please do not gather in groups, please respect social distancing
  • When signing in at the reception, please do this one at a time using the markers on the floor as a guide to provide appropriate space for the person in front of you.
  • Once signed in please use the hand sanitiser to the right of the sign in pads.
  • Learner’s timetables have staggered start, break and dinner times to avoid groups gathering and crowding. When you arrive please do not gather in the lounge areas, please make your way straight to the room you are timetabled in where your tutor will be there to meet you.
  • When walking around the centre please keep to the left in the corridors and staircases and try not to touch the stair handrails unless absolutely necessary.
  • When walking down a staircase please give way to those walking up.
  • Toilets are to be use by one person at a time. To indicate that you are using the toilet please tap the push light on the toilet entrance door when entering and tap to turn off when leaving.
  • When using laptops/PC’s please thoroughly wipe the keypads using the resources provided after use and finally as you put these away.
  • For those learners using the workshop facilities in the original building a one way system has been implemented, please follow the instructions which will be provided by your tutors on this.
  • When working in any of the workshop areas please use the surgical gloves, masks and eye shields provided at all times. In the Welding area please put surgical gloves on underneath your welding gauntlets
  • Your daily timetable will locate you in either the original or new building. Unless totally unavoidable, please do not migrate from one to the other, please stay in the building you are timetabled in.
  • Please wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds
  • Please contact any member of staff immediately if you start to feel or display any symptoms of Coronavirus.

Adhering to the above practices will safeguard the wellbeing of everyone attending the training centre.

Below are videos of some of the measures we implemented prior to opening. This has been enhanced further, in line with Government guidelines.

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