Training Centre Awards 2021/22

Award for Electrical/Electronic Learner of the Year

Navdeep Dhesi

The award for Electrical learner of the year was very hard to choose this time as we have had a very big class with many good candidates any of which deserve this award, however, this student has been exceptional from the start, a very quiet, unassuming, modest man who delivered some of the best assignments I have ever seen. His ability to work unaided and still come up with excellent work is a credit to his attitude both in the class and his own commitment to research. He is and will be a very successful individual. Rarely has an award been more deserved.

Award for Mechanical Learners of the Year

Ben Stansfield and Alfie Brown

Ben has a completely professional mindset: hardworking, organised and always rising to any work given. Their work is always first class and has submitted all work weeks early in all the years I have taught them.

Alfie has produced first-class work for me for two years, always early, always near-faultless. They also participate fully in class, contributing to Q&A and getting on well with everyone.

Personal Achievement Awards

Craig Milner

This person has worked extremely well this year, achieving merits and distinctions in most units. This person has always been positive about their learning and has produced their coursework to a consistently good standard, and they have managed their workload well, always submitting their work on time, and often ahead of time. This person has developed their knowledge and confidence over this year and is very deserving of this personal achievement award.


Ellie Wilson

This person started at Appris with little knowledge of the workshops. I remember going into the machine shop and explaining the lathe operations that they were going to be performing. The way the student regarded the machine was as if it was about to swallow them up. The progress and determination of this student in overcoming and facing the monster machine and mastering the other equipment in the workshop is a credit to them. With this determination this student will progress well in the Engineering world. This person has not quite overcome their fears (respect to Her), and always is asking questions with her notebook in hand. She is an absolute pleasure to have on the course.


Joe Midgley

This learner has done exceptionally well this year. After having numerous conversations in the early days about why he’s chosen this career path and whether or not it was right, it certainly seems like he’s now settled down found his feet in fabrication welding. He has come such a long way in a short space of time, and it has been a pleasure to watch him not only develop his welding skills but to watch him grow and mature into the young adult he is now.


Joe Wilkinson

This learner has always put a smile on my face since starting at Appris. It has certainly been a laugh watching him grow into the young man he is now, whether that be painting our walls when he knows he crossed the line or bellowing out what I can only describe as tone death performances, he’s never failed to amaze me week by week, but not always for the wrong reasons. This learner, when starting his level 3, felt as though he had a mountain to climb. Achieving only 20%’s in his mock exams, He sure worked with me as I put him through some vigorous, but I call it character building, he’s now gone on to achieve an average of 93% across his exams and come away with Distinctions across the board. I’m very proud of the distance travelled, and so should you.


Michael Shepherd

This student is one of those types of extremely likeable people, they are always pleasant, always trying to understand and always ready to ask sensible questions, they then go on to hand in very good assignments on time, in other words an instructors dream student. They are the type of person who deserve recognition but don’t crave it and hence are easy to overlook. It was this students desire to understand what they were doing that I found very refreshing, not just wanting to get it down and get it passed off. I know they will be very successful in the future and I wish them all the very best.


James McManus

This student is yet another incredibly able and deserving person that quietly and very competently gets on with their work, always handing assignments in on time and to a very high standard. They are incredibly quiet spoken but always with something sensible to say and not in anyway afraid to put other students and myself (on very few and rare occasions) right if we had said something that was possibly not quite true. They have already achieved this qualification in the mechanical discipline and now have gone on to do the same at a very high standard for the electrical side.


Maryam Ali

This learner has from the very start given 110% effort in every session they have attended. They have been very keen and willing to improve their skills and abilities throughout the course.


Toby Wilkinson

This learner started the course with a nonchalant attitude to the work but over the last year has become fully committed to developing his engineering skills knowledge and attitude to learning. He is frequently first in the group to complete assignments and tasks and the work is to a consistently high standard. Toby has become a much more focussed learner and has influenced several other learners in the group to develop a more professional approach. I value his approach and want to take this opportunity to recognise his efforts over the year.

Award for Welding Level 2 Learner of the Year

Harrison Shaw

This learner has always gone above and beyond, you are never asking too much of him and his work is always to a high standard. This learner is always prepared and set for the day, and actively takes part in lessons. I always appreciate honesty and people owning up to their own limitations, this gives me an opportunity to identify areas we can build on and this learner has always collared me for any extra support or tuition I can give him. Helping other learners and leading the group when we might have our hands tied, we often laugh how we can see him being an employer of tomorrow.

Award for Welding Level 3 Learner of the Year

James West

This learner has always put 100% in. It wasn’t long before he bought himself a welder as he considered what he was doing a hobby. I think most of his exams he’s come away with 100% and he’s maintained his efforts for the last 3 years. Every week he’ll come show me welds he’s done on his phone or jobs his completed waiting for a nod of approval. It’s truly a pleasure for us as tutors to see such a high level of passion in our learners, and I can see this learner having a long and success career in welding fabrication.

Award for HNC Year 1 Learners of the Year

Bailey O’Connor and Matthew Barber

This award has provided two standout candidates. Both students have excelled in four core subjects (Maths, Science, Design, and Project management). Individual subjects bring varied challenges, and both students have shown resilience, motivation, and commitment to complete all four units to Distinction level. Both students have had to work diligently and be disciplined around their studies weekly to achieve such a high standard. As well as their hard work each week, they have brought a positive vibe and respectful attitude to each lesson.

During the year, they have taken personal responsibility for their actions, performance, and professional development at Appris and in the workplace. For their work-based project, both students have taken the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills and experience in design, Health and Safety, problem-solving, critical analysis, project management, workplace ethics and effective communication techniques, to name a few!As you can see from this little footnote on their performance, choosing an individual winner was a tough decision for the team.

Award for HNC Mechanical Learner of the Year

Kacey Buckley and Max Armitage

Kacey is always keen to take part fully in Q&A, organised and thorough in their work and research, always hands in first class work and is a pleasure to have in class.

Max has a professional mindset, very focused on the technicalities on their work, submits work early and almost never needs any corrections. This winner is also very pleasant in class and gets on well with everyone.

Award for HNC Electrical Learner of the Year Award

Lachlan Hancott

This person has always been positive about learning new things. They have worked extremely hard to ensure their coursework was of consistently good quality and has achieved distinction grades in most of the subjects they have studied over the past 2 years. This person is an extremely pleasant and courteous individual who leaves me with the impression that they care about the quality of what they do. They are a credit and an asset to their employer.

HNC Personal Achievement Awards

Jack Stephenson

This learner was unknown to us when they joined Appris for their HNC, but have impressed us with their work ethic. The subject I teach them for CAD/CAM they have no contact with at work so have not found it easy at times. But have worked hard done good research and listed to feedback and achieved a good grade. It, therefore, gives me great pleasure to give this HE Personal Achievement Award to Jack Stephenson


Joe Newell

This winner is outstanding due to their work rate – often first to hand-in, and their quality, close to faultless. Also a sociable member of the class, joining in Q&A and generally an easy person to get on with.


Joshua Teale

The person nominated for the HE personal achievement award was new to Appris last year. A quiet, determined, hardworking and motivated student that gets on with the task at hand, producing work to the highest quality. This person is a credit to himself and his employer.


Isaac Taylor David

The winner of this award has worked hard consistently throughout the HNC achieving distinctions in almost all units of the course. This person has been an eager and proactive member of their group who has consistently wanted to do well, demonstrating this by asking pertinent questions when they weren’t sure and by ensuring their work was produced on time and to an excellent standard. Throughout this year, this person has maintained a positive can-do attitude towards their studies and their coursework and has been a pleasure to have in the class.

The Saudagar Jagdev Higher Education Learner of the Year Award

Charlene Lewis

I have had the pleasure to know this person for three years. This person has been consistently excellent since the day they started at the training centre. With their amazing attitude, consistently outstanding standard of work and positive outlook, this person has been an absolute pleasure to teach and watch grow as a young person. This person is an absolute credit to themselves and their employer.

Overall Training Centre Learner of the Year Award

Matthew McGrath

This person has demonstrated Outstanding levels of motivation, determination and drive to succeed. This person has remained totally positive regardless of the scope and difficulty of tasks presented to them. They have produced work of an Outstanding quality and always given 200% in everything they have been required to do. This person has been a totally model student in every capacity and an absolute joy to work with and have on the course.


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