Cyber Essential Plus Reaccreditation

In an era where digital security is paramount, Appris has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining the Cyber Essentials Plus certification. This certification not only underscores Appris’ commitment to cybersecurity but also sets a new benchmark in safeguarding aprentices and staff data.

What is Cyber Essentials Plus?

Cyber Essentials Plus is a rigorous certification process, designed by the UK Government, to ensure an organisation’s protection against a wide range of cyber threats. Unlike the basic Cyber Essentials certification, the Plus level involves a hands-on technical verification. This means an external auditor has thoroughly tested Appris’ systems to ensure they meet high cybersecurity standards via a penetration test.

Why is this Achievement Important?

  1. Enhanced Data Protection: With cyber threats on the rise, particularly in the education sector, achieving Cyber Essentials Plus demonstrates Appris’ dedication to protecting sensitive apprentice and staff data. In 2021, the UK’s Department for Education reported a significant increase in cyber attacks against educational institutions, making this certification more relevant than ever.
  2. Building Trust: For stakeholders, including apprentices and staff, this certification builds trust. It shows that Appris is not just compliant with government cybersecurity standards, but goes above and beyond to safeguard their digital infrastructure.
  3. Setting Industry Standards: Appris’ achievement sets a high standard for cyber security in the further education sector. It encourages other institutions to follow suit, enhancing the overall digital security landscape in education.


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